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    I've got latest build of PD 3.0. Recent threads show various folks reporting 50% CPU usage, etc. I find I have too. I have no idea what that means, because it doesn't make sense. Anyway, after checking XP's tasks which were only 1%, I unplugged all USB's and still made no difference. In fact, if you just start up Parallels (click icon to load it) with no VM started or even loaded yet, it starts using at least 2% and goes up to 9%. Either Activity Monitor is lying, we don't understand what we're looking at, or something "heavy" is going on behind the Parallel's scene.

    As an aside, the whole performance thing is just a big mystery if you ask me. I realize that there is only so much that can be said for it at some point given everybody has different configs, etc of the base machine and of parallels, but VM install issues like optimizing for the VM, and IMO the suggestions on VM RAM usage, it could be nice for more advise on these from Parallels.
  2. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    I just keep on trucking
    117% cpu whilst making a clone
    but the Mac mail etc remained perfectly useable

    If you are using a laptop on battery power well there are issues
    certinly use windows as little as possible

    Hugh W
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    I can't say what I'm seeing is having any serious detrimental effect on what we do (huge compiles), although it is sluggish.

    But indeed this is one reasons we got MBP's, and hopefully it does not effect battery sessions. If we're running 8% on a quiescent PD, either Appllication Monitor is misleading, or it seems there will be an impact even if we can't notice it to the eye while things are running, since things like battery life are significant to some of us, if that truly gets impacted.
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