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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration in Windows and Linux' started by kevinw, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Something weird happened when I installed Windows 7 - when it boots up I get an error message that says "The user name or password is incorrect" There are no user Icons shown just and "OK" box. The the "administrator Icon" shows up with a bogon window and a box to "switch user".

    When I click on "switch user" I get another screen with "2" user icons one is "Administrator" the other is "Other user".

    The weird thing is in control panel their are 3 users, one is "Administrator" the other is mine "KMW" and guest.

    My questions are:

    1. Why do I get the log on screen error message even before I get the typical log on screen with the icons ans user names?
    2. Why when I click "Switch user" do I get a user icon is that says "other user" instead of "KMW"
    3. How do I change it to a normal start up process that gives me the normal user log on icons.

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