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    I'm proud to announce that we are launching the Great Parallels Video Testimonial Contest!

    All you need to do is create a video testimonial that tells us how and why you use Parallels Desktop for Mac or Parallels Workstation for Win/Lin, what problem it solves, and how you're going to use Parallels products in the future. If we pick it as one of the best, we'll showcase it on our website and at our MacWorld Conference & Expo Booth (#1643, come visit us if you're hitting the show), and you'll get one of these great prizes:
    • FREE Macworld Expo Guest Pass. This will get you all-access to the MacWorld Exhibit hall for the duration of the conference!
    • Squidgy Parallels Orange Stress Balls
    • Limited Edition Parallels T-Shirt
    • A free, fully licensed copy of the Parallels product of your choice
    • Which Parallels product you're using, and on how many machines (and what kind).
    • Your name and your company's name (if applicable)
    • The problem you were having, and how Parallels solves it
    • Benefits you've realized from using our software. The more specific the better.
    • Your creativity! Keep it clean though; no nudity, senseless violence, or obscenities. Although I am a fan of all three, this isn't the place for them.
    • Video length: No more than 3 minutes
    • Upload your video to YouTube.
    • When you get the URL, email the link and HTML code to me so my marketing team and I can check it out.
    • The deadline for submissions is JANUARY 2ND, 2007, 5PM EST.
    Good luck to everyone; I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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