Create an instance when open a template pvm pack.

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    For product test purposes, I need to create some templates and share them with others. I used to store the templates in some kind of portable device. So I don't wish them to be on the VM list of my Parallels main page.

    Currently, when I double click a template .pvm pack in finder, Parallels will try to open it and remind me that it's a template, and I can't execute it directly....., and then, Parallels show me a window of the un-executable template with a beautiful large and Play-Button. but nothing happens when I click that button.

    It would be useful if:
    1. Create an instance directly when opening a template in some other path.
    2. An 'Import' option to import (clone) a .pvm pack into. the lib.
    3. Archive a template...

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