Create new Windows 10 PVM and migrate data from another PMV?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by PaulKorm, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. PaulKorm

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    My Windows 10 PVM works OK, but for over a year now I have been unable to update Windows -- the update fails with error "0x80070032" and the message that Windows cannot restart. The advice I've found here and elsewhere is confusing and not actionable. I've given up trying to do something with the PVM and I am not looking for any more advice about fixing that problem.

    I want to abandon that PVM, buy a new Windows license, and start a new PVM. I merely want to migrate my data from the old PVM and then delete it.

    How do i migrate data between PVMs?
  2. PaulChris@Parallels

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    Hi @PaulKorm, we can create a new windows virtual machine and map the hard disk of the old virtual machine(Windows 10 PVM) to the new Windows as secondary hard disk , so that you can access all the files from old virtual machine in the new Windows, however the applications should be reinstalled once again in new Windows. Please check and copy all the files to the new virtual machine. If you are difficulty in doing it, please mount the Windows 10 virtual machine so that you can access all your files on Mac Finder.

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