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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by Mike_C, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Mike_C


    I bought a new Mac and Parallel's 8

    Is there a way for me to create a Virtual Mac from my old Mac?

    So I can basically run my old Mac as a virtual on the new one?
  2. xz4gb8

    xz4gb8 Bit Poster


    There is no current way to create an OS X Virtual Machine from an existing OS X Physical Machine. That only works for Windows in Boot Camp.

    You can simulate your old Mac on OS X Snow Leopard Server or plain old Mountain Lion in a VM.

    1. Create a new OS X virtual machine. After booting, stop at the Migration step.
    2. Boot your old Mac in Target Mode
    3. Plug your old Mac into the new Mac. You should see the old boot volume in the Finder of your new Mac.
    4. Continue the Migration by migrating from the disk drive of your old Mac.
    5. Eject the old Mac and shut it down.

    Now you can log on to a (nearly the same) virtual instance of your old Mac under Parallels.
  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    Or backup with time machine, then restore with time machine to the vm.
  4. Mike_C


    Seems like a "no brainer" feature to be able to clone an existing Mac OS device. Maybe using Target Disk mode or something.

    Hopefully Parallels will consider it for a future release.

    I basically did a new VM using the same OS then used the Migration Assistant to create a VM that is "close" (not "clone") of my other Mac from a Time Machine backup.

    Thanks for your help and input
  5. SteveK2


    New forum user - but I'm in virtually the same position as Mike_C was nearly 4 years ago . . .
    Just got a new MacBook Air, and want to clone my old MacBook Air (2013 - 10.8.5) onto a VM in the new one.
    Is it now possible to clone it directly? If not, any update on the above suggestions?

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