Creating a VM from Bootcamp partition

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    A hopefully very quick query that people can answer for me, that I have been able to find absolutely zero information on.

    I used to use Parallel's about 7 years ago, but sadly it proved to be a bit too memory and CPU intensive to be a reliable enough option that eventually I had to concede using it and revert back to using standard Bootcamp. Having read up a fair bit about the latest offerings, this seems to be less of an issue than it was back then, plus with the way technology has advanced and with the current system architecture's I think my MacBook Pro is far better equipped to run a VM than it was back in 2013.

    However, before I just take anecdotal evidence as proof, I wanted to understandably try the 30 day trial to ensure that the VM runs well enough side by side with MacOS and all the applications I use prior to making the full jump to Parallels.

    It's well documented that I can create a VM using Parallel's from my existing bootcamp partition (Windows 10 Pro), but if I use this partition with the Parallels trial and it isn't to my liking, will I still be able to use my bootcamp partition with bootcamp, or does the installation process and setup required to convert this to something that can be used within a VM render my bootcamp partition unusable outside of Parallels? The trial would be all good and well, but if it renders my existing bootcamp partition unusable then even the trial isn't really of much use to me, unless I just install yet another version of Windows onto my Mac purely for the purpose of the trial.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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