Crippling PD12 bugs, please DO NOT BUY PD12

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by TylerL1, Aug 19, 2016.


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  1. TylerL1

    TylerL1 Bit Poster

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
    macOS Sierra, 10.12 Beta
    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
    Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

    I purchased Parallels Desktop 12 yesterday as an upgrade to my previous PD10. I most often use parallels for gaming purposes, though I also use it for school with programs like MS Visual Studio and Autodesk applications. I've been using the macOS Sierra Beta version for a couple months now and PD10 had been working on it flawlessly, but when an update comes out you just have to have "the latest and greatest" version, right? Most of the touted improvements to PD in version 12 are under-the-hood improvements, unfortunately it seems like some bugs have accompanied these improvements. My two main issues with the way PD12 performs are as follows:

    In PD10, I could open applications and play games while in Coherence and they would open up to be fullscreen. With PD12, my game doesn't automatically open to fullscreen anymore. In fact, I can't even make it fullscreen because there aren't buttons at the top of the window and the View -> Enter Fullscreen button is grayed-out. This issue is mostly resolved by exiting Coherence and entering the fullscreen view manually. I suppose that works, but comparing this performance of the new version to the 'archaic' PD10 is like taking a step back. I suppose this problem came about because of the attempted improvements to Coherence itself, and can't imagine it being a difficult fix. I love Coherence and when I use other Windows applications like Visual Studio or AutoCad it's so nice to have a Windows application float seamlessly over my Mac Desktop. I mainly love feeling like I'm not using Windows while I'm using its applications.

    The second issue I have is a little bit more annoying. I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller connected to my computer with a USB receiver. While gaming on Windows using PD10, my computer never went to sleep. It wouldn't even go to sleep if I left my computer, regardless of whether I was connected to power or not. Now that I have PD12, my computer goes to sleep in the normal 10-15 minutes, regardless of me being in the middle of my game, as if I wasn't even using the computer. This is a very unfortunate and confusing bug to me, especially since it hasn't ever been an issue before.

    I love Parallels and the ease that it offers in using multiple platforms. I'm feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse though for having bought the updated version so quickly and violating the "don't fix it if it isn't broken" rule. I'm a student and can't quite afford to spend $50 on something that doesn't work the way I intended it would, on something that feels like a step back rather than a step forward. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to fix these issues myself, please let me know. If these problems are purely due to the update, I'd deeply appreciate some sort of patch to correct these issues and make Parallels as user-friendly as I've been used to it being. If neither of these are options I may just call it a loss and revert back to PD10.

    Thank you for your time and response,
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  2. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi, did you try to reinstall Parallels Tools?
  3. TylerL1

    TylerL1 Bit Poster

    I reinstalled Parallels Tools last night when I remembered that was what I did to fix an issue I had last time I updated, but the same problems continue to occur. Parallels actually crashed on me when I was trying to adjust between Fullscreen and Coherence after I reinstalled Parallels Tools, so I'm not feeling so great about PD12.
    Is there a way to for me to "downgrade" back to PD10 so that I can safely use my VM again?
  4. TylerL1

    TylerL1 Bit Poster

    I reinstalled Parallels Tools multiple times, and I just now updated to the latest version of Parallels 12, hoping that the intended patches would fix the problems...
    Now my VM is stuck in the logon screen, and when I go to shut it down it freezes on a black screen. I can't even log on anymore. I'm very sad. I can't even back up my VM drive to uninstall PD12 to revert back to PD11 at this point. Wasted $50 of my student money (not counting the purchase of PD11, which wasn't a waste at the time) and wasted hours and hours of work and trying to make things work.
  5. TylerL1

    TylerL1 Bit Poster

    After updating to the latest release of PD12 and finally reverting back to PD11 (which used to be stable), my Virtual Machine doesn't start up anymore. All of my VM files were lost when I "downgraded", and I don't have my Windows Virtual Machine for my schoolwork anymore. I can't even believe this. Giving Parallels Desktop my money just to have their product destroy my things is the worst decision I've ever made. The blatant lack of help wasn't my favorite, either. It's all gone, Parallels is broken, I wasted my money, and I'm screwed with my classes. Awesome. Awesome.
  6. DustinHullett

    DustinHullett Product Expert

    The .pvm file is missing? If the pvm file is still on your Mac we can most likely recover your VM. Please post back and I will help you all that I can. Uninstalling parallels should ask you if you want to keep your virtual machine files or move them to the trash. Did you get this message?
  7. Andy8

    Andy8 Bit Poster

    @TylerL1 where you able to resolve your issue. I'm having very similar problems and regret upgrading as Windows is completely impossible to use.
  8. HarryR2

    HarryR2 Bit Poster

    That's not entirely true Tyler. Parallels did suggest you re-install Tools. That level of support must be worth something.

    Parallels is still sending out emails to people advertising the "upgrade" to Desktop 12.
  9. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    The pvm file missing might be related to Sierra's new optimize storage feature, if you have turned it on, it will upload the files in your Documents and Desktop folders to iCloud and delete the local copy if it thinks it's taking up too much space and no being use.

    My suggestion would be to move Parallels folder to a different place if you want to use this new Sierra feature.

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