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    Good day,

    my suggestion is about Parallels Client.

    In the past we have often seen customers with outdated versions or had to help users install or update the software because they did not have administrator permissions. Since the introduction of the security patch versions, this has become more of a hassle for administrators, as well as users.

    My suggestion would be to redevelop Parallels Client as a cross-platform desktop application. Well known examples of this are MS Teams, Slack, VS Code, Discord and many more. Most of the applications from this list are based on Electron. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies. This would give you a single codebase for Windows, Mac and Linux. It could also reduce the development effort. As a starting base the RAS HTML5 "client" could be suitable. And very important, these applications can be installed without admin rights and have an AutoUpdater integrated, which installs the newest version without user interaction at startup.

    I would be very happy about other ideas or approaches. The status quo is not really satisfying. Neither for us, nor for our customers.

    Best regards

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