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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by tacit_one, May 19, 2006.

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    No matter what, there will be compromizes - these are two very different operating systems with established keyboard behaviours. There are just so many keys to select from to create compatibilities when running concurrent OS's, and I'm happy as hell it all works as well as it does. My objective was to leave Windows behind and this lets me do so at my pace. However, I may become more bitchy when I get Solaris 10 installed and find key compatibility problems. Right now I can't get it to install - keeps complaining I've not selected an install disk.

    So, nice job and congrats on what you've accomplished.

    Running 22'C at 1500mHz in Seattle...

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    I joined just for this...this is the only thing keeping for from functioning right in Windows currently -

    Please, please please please put in an option to disable all control-click or control-shift-click for right click stuff. I use a two-button mouse in Windows, and I use control-shift-click all the time in Windows (both for selecting files and for browser shortcuts in Opera.)

    One option for right-clicking I would like to see is Function-Click for right click. That key is not used under XP, and it would be nice to have at least the option of using the system without a mouse.
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    Without a mouse probably implies a MBP trackpad. There are several solutions for this problem including one by Apple in the latest OSX builds where if you put two fingers on the trackpad and click, you get a right click. The rumor is that this will be part of the next software update, and there is a downloadable file referenced elsewhere in this forum containing appropriate drivers for earlier OSX versions (probably requires at least 10.4.6 already installed) as well as a third party trackpad options utility. Search the forums for details -- I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment.

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