ctrl+space not working after upgrade to Parallels 16

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AlBundy33, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. AlBundy33

    AlBundy33 Bit Poster

    I've upgraded yesterday from parallels 14 to 16 and now unfortunately ctrl+space is not working in the vm (especially in eclipse).

    My keyboardsettings are set to "optimized for games" and I've also a mapping form ^+space to ctrl+space (this was definied before the upgrade).

    Has anybody an idea how to get ctrl+space working again?
  2. AlBundy33

    AlBundy33 Bit Poster

    I forgot to mention that I did also an upgrade to MacOS Big Sur...

    To get ctrl+space working agin I had to:
    - open system preferences (on macos)
    - goto keyboard
    - check shortcuts where ctrl+space is used and disable the entries

    now I can use ctrl+space in eclipse inside my vm as usual.
  3. GerwimF

    GerwimF Bit Poster

    Thanks AlBundy! I recently upgraded to Parallels 16 and Big Sur too, and I had the same issue. There was a new entry about going back in input sources which was bound to CTRL (^) + SPACE.
  4. EdG3

    EdG3 Bit Poster

    Well, I've tried all of the above, including shutting down my Windows VM. Still can't get my Embarcadero to recognize CTRL SPACE. The only hint I have that it might not be the fault of Parallels is that the drop-down menu from that software (which is marked CTRL SPACE) also doesn't work... hmmm...

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