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    now that we got that custom build where the bug with not starting the VMs at all is fixed, I too can finally try out the current beta. And I'm pleased to say: All bugs that bugged (...) me in retail are fixed:

    • WM 2005 USB just works: Although I don't have a WM2005 organizer, I'm writing software for a Windows Mobile based barcode scanner. Deploying on the device was quite the hassle until now: Create the CAB, put it onto a network share, start another computer, connect the device there, deploy the CAB. Meh. The provided workaround didn't work for me either. Now with the current build, it just works: Connect the device, patch USB through (I've disabled autoconnect) and activesync starts up. Nice one!
    • AltGr didn't work. The workaround was to use Ctrl+Alt+Key, but that didn't work in Putty (not that it matters much - I prefer anyways. Now, with the current build, Ctrl, Alt and AltGr just work as they should. Very smooth.
    • Modifier bug after focus gain: Just when Parallels got focus, the first press of a modifier key (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) was lost. I always had to press the modifier, depress it and press it again to get the key I wanted. Also fixed in the current build.
    • Parallels feels a bit snappier concerning painting operations. While I had some (bearable) lag in VS2005 while typing, that's gone with the current build. Very nice too.

    So all in all, the current beta build, for me, fixes whatever problems I still had with the retail build. Thanks for all these fixes, Parallels Team!

    EDIT: Another thing I just noticed: With RTM, CPU usage when Parallels was running (idle) was always around 20-30%. Now it's down to 15%. Cool.

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