Debian 11 Latest - Mouse and Keyboard Don't Always work on boot

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by TonyGauderman, Jan 5, 2023.

  1. TonyGauderman

    TonyGauderman Bit Poster

    frequently, the mouse and keyboard don't work on boot from my Debian 11 guest VM. Most of the time, a reboot of the VM from Parallels resolves the issue. Has anyone else seen this and found a solution?
  2. Asish@Parallels

    Asish@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello @TonyGauderman, Please re-install the Parallels Tools on Debian Linux Virtual Machine by following this KB article.
  3. david107

    david107 Bit Poster

    I experience the same issue even after reinstalling Parallels Tools.
    What else can fix this issue?
  4. LendyZ

    LendyZ Bit Poster

    Same here, with the latest Arch Linux ARM.
  5. Manawyrm


    Same here, I'm affected on Manjaro ARM (ArchLinux-derivative).

    Typing/smashing keys while in Grub/the boot console seems to somewhat lessen the problem, but I still sometimes need to boot the machine multiple times until the keyboard is being recognized.

    It seems to be some kind of problem with the XHCI / USB host controller.

    I would be willing to provide a ready-made image for Parallels engineers which can reproduce this issue, if that would be helpful.
  6. Patrick U

    Patrick U

    I'm having the same issue with Parallels Version 18.2.0 (53488) on M1, with both Kali Linux and Fedora. Haven't been able to reliably reproduce it, but it happens regularly. Also, restarting a VM is less likely to resolve it that doing a separate shutdown, then a start.
    Since I'm new to Parallels, is there a bug report already? Where can I open one, if not?
  7. EddieF

    EddieF Bit Poster

    Same here. Very frustrating. Have to reboot several times before it works.
  8. ShawnC4

    ShawnC4 Bit Poster

    Me too. It's been so long I forget exactly when this started happening for me. I know for sure I've seen it with my fedora 36 and fedora 37 VMs. I don't think it happens when the prtools fail to load for some reason (e.g. dkms build failure).
  9. ChristopherL13

    ChristopherL13 Bit Poster

    This happens to me when I boot Kali. I'm running it on M1. My kernel version is 5.18.0-kali5-arm64, if i upgrade to anything higher than this, it doesn't always work on boot-up as the OP described. I've tested it countless times and always have to revert to a previous snapshot. It has been happening for the last year for me.

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