Degraded Performance in Revit 2014 in Parallels 7/8/9

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by kristianmartin, Jun 2, 2014.

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    I am having performance issues where there is a delay or lag of about one second when working in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 in Parallels 7, 8 or 9 compared with Parallels 6. This can be seen when mousing over objects to be selected, as the highlight/cursor disappears from the currently moused-over object to the newly moused-over object.

    I have two iMacs bought in the same year or timeframe which are fairly recent, running Core i7s with at least 24GBs of RAM, of which the maximum of 8GB for Parallels 6 and 16GB for Parallels 9 are allocated to the VM (Windows 7). The iMac running Parallels 6 is on OS X 10.7 while the iMac running Parallels 9 is on OS X 10.9. This is pretty much where the differences end. I have tried configuring Parallels 9 with hardware acceleration disabled, enabled with DX9 and DX10 with no difference. Revit does not see the Parallels video driver as compatible so it doesn't allow me to enable hardware acceleration from within the program. Yes, there is a workaround but I have always had problems enabling hardware acceleration in Revit when running Parallels, so I choose not to run with it.

    I want to know if there is something I can do to resolve this issue? Currently it is preventing us from deploying more updated versions of Revit 2014 because the performance is poor.

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