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    Maybe it's me, but I think the snapshot management has it ass backward.

    When I cleanup snapshots, I (rarely) want to delete a snapshot and all of its SUBSEQUENT snapshots. I would only ever do this if I knew that form point X onwards every snapshot is corrupt. This rarely happens although is not outside the bounds of possibility (so I am NOT suggesting you remove this feature).

    What I find myself doing frequently is getting rid of old snapshots. To do this, I have to go to EVERY snapshot and delete it individually. It is quite a PITA, because, as well as scheduled snapshots, I frequently snapshot at what I believe to be a significant point in time. Every little while, when my DEV is at a stable point, ie. when say a new Minor release is ready (like the X version where 0.X.0.0 where Major.Minor.Patch/BugFix.BuildNo) I would like to get rid of all previous snapshots prior to say the previous Minor release. This means I still can roll back to the significant previous minor release point , but I am NOT keeping the myriad of snapshots that are basically meaningless.

    So I have to start at the earliest snapshot and delete them individually until I reach my predesignated limit. As noted, I do this frequently and it is painful and annoying.

    Could we please include, in Snapshot management, to keep the wording consistent:


    This way I can crank it up before finishing for the day and it will be completed when I start the next morning (where my first task would be to copy the PVM file to backup media.

    Thank you
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