Deleting/unmounting shared folders

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    Deleting/unmounting .psf shared folders

    When I first set up Parallels (XP on Mac) and not knowing what I was doing, I dragged my Mac hard drive icon onto the Windows desktop and it mounted it in my Parallels Shared Folder (.psf) as ".Home" and gave me access to everything on my Mac hard drive. I then did the same with an external hard drive and it created a new icon ".Mac" which replaced ".Home". When I open the latter there are tons of folders including the "volumes", "users" and various ways to access anything on my mac and external drives. While this seemed great at first, I don't necessarily want that much "sharing" between the OSs and drives. I have tried and tried to figure out how to unmount, delete, or change the networked drive (.Mac) in my .psf folder but have been totally unsuccessful. I've gone into the configuration settings and it isn't even listed as a shared folder to delete. How can I "delete" a folder/drive from .psf if it isn't listed as a shared folder in the configuration settings??? Thanks.
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