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    got parallels desktop running on a macbook pro with a radeon x1600
    been wasting some time checking compatibility of some windows demos and emulators under the thing. windows xp is the emulated OS. with each upgrade of parallels some issues get fixed, while others seem to regress, so i figured it would be useful for others to dump here my list of what works and what doesnt from things that should all be working.
    you can download the demos from pouet if you're interested.

    build 5582

    works fine:
    caret - resident
    98 seconds - calodox
    32 degrees in the shade - yodel
    aesterozoa - kewlers (some slowdowns)
    anruf aus schweden - unik
    bakkslide7 - omnicolor
    toptiny redexit - calodox
    chaos theory - conspiracy
    project genesis - conspiracy
    .au xmas compo invitation 2003 - disaster area
    .au xmas compo invitation 2004 - disaster area
    little green frog - disaster area
    energia - sunflower
    fr-019.poemtoahorse - farbrausch
    heaven7 - exceed
    chimera - halcyon
    chillin - haujobb
    unet .. - haujobb
    liquid wen - haujobb
    intro#3 - hoodlum
    nonstop ibiza experiment - orange
    incyber - satori
    kkowboy - purple
    kolonija - kosmoplovci
    lapsus - maturefurk
    lobstertainment2 - lobstars
    borg - bauknecht
    medium -
    a fire upon the deep - mfx
    gamma2 - mfx
    dose2 - mfx
    rise - mindforce
    five cigar coctail - replay
    arise - stravaganza
    sota 2004 invitation - equinox
    ferner - still
    synthematik - outracks
    wecookpeople - tb2
    the day the earth was born - tpolm
    tesla - sunflower
    toptiny greenretork - tpolm
    vip2 - popsy team
    we cell - kewlers
    onwards - traction

    almost work:
    please the cookie thing - aardbei (worked on previous build)
    scary dinosaur - BDSE (bad normals)
    hyperventilation - byterapers (major slowdowns, worked fine on previous build)
    coma on the dancefloor - cocoon
    kasparov - elitegroup
    fr-08: the product - farbrausch (worked fine on previous build)
    fr-025: the popular demo - farbrausch (worked on previous build)
    fr-045: life after - farbrausch (worked on previous build)
    fr-055: 828 - farbrausch (worked on previous build)
    fr-058 - farbrausch
    polar - fuzzion
    gerbera - moppi productions (missing textures)
    legomania - doomsday (worked better on previous build)
    barn - the digital artists (no images, worked fine on previous build)
    ninja in a box - tpolm (no particles in end scene)
    wonder - sunflower
    barn - the digital artists (worked on previous build)

    dont work:
    195/95 - plastic (has useful extension support screen)
    1995 - kewlers + mfx
    state of mind - bomb
    breakpoint 2004 invitation - farbrausch + mfx
    mcmf - disaster area
    dead ringer - fairlight
    alien sex clone - fudge
    fr-041: debris. - farbrausch
    home sweet under synthetic clouds - cocoon
    iridiscence - fulcrum
    lifeforce - andromeda software development
    liveevil - mandula
    leitmotiv - lunix
    aether - mfx
    deepness in the sky - mfx
    universe part 1 - mfx (worked on previous build)
    ultimatum to the world - mfx (worked on previous build)
    noumenon - andromeda
    realoaded - realtech
    square - pulse
    sts-02: electric kool-aid - synesthetics (worked on previous build)
    sts-03: aeon flux - synesthetics (worked on previous build)
    sts-04: instant zen - synesthetics (worked on previous build)
    sts-05 (worked on previous build)
    tokyo - xplsv
    zilog - sunflower

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