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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by HarperJ, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. HarperJ

    HarperJ Bit Poster

    I decide to buy this software. Can I download design software like autocad or rhino in window version in my mac?
  2. Arunn

    Arunn Parallels Support

    Hi HarperJ, you can install design software (AutoCAD or rhino) in Windows virtual machine. It works seamlessly. Additionally, for installing Windows in Parallels Desktop for Mac, please refer to this article.
  3. SarahP2

    SarahP2 Bit Poster

    @Arun@Parallels -- people have said that Rhino is glitchy on a Mac using Parallels, and Rhino doesn't fully support virtualization machines. Has this changed with Parallels 11?
  4. MWAA

    MWAA Bit Poster

    I use Parallels for a variety of things and it's been getting better and better, but...
    have just tried to run Rhino 6 for Windows on it. Strangely, the dimensions and text do not appear on the drawing. With admittedly limited testing, I don't see other things that don't work.
    Booting into BootCamp and running it, it works just fine.
    I also have an older Windows game "Cossacks" which has a similar phenomena - objects do not appear but the game otherwise seems to work fine.
    Any suggestions?
  5. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi, please provide us with more detailed info:
    1. Which version of Parallels Desktop you're using
    2. Detailed step-by-step instruction how to reproduce the issue with Rhino 6 (may be screenshots, if possible)
    Thanks in advance.
  6. MWAA

    MWAA Bit Poster

    Thanks for your reply.
    Just updated both Rhino and Parallels before taking these screen shots
    so Versions are:
    Rhino 6 SR12
    Parallels 14.1.1 (45476)
    There is no special action needed to create this. This is a simple model in Rhino and I have used the dimensioning tool to create the dimensions. As you can see, the dimensions appear in BootCamp but not in Parallels. It also does not appear that text of any kind appears (e.g. Labels, standard comments).
    On line forums have said that this problem has occurred with the Rhino 5 Mac version, but you could correct it by changing the font. I have attempted that in Rhino 6 Windows, but it makes no difference.

    Cossacks 3 is also whatever the latest version, but that is of course less significant. I include it in case it helps diagnose
    the issue. As you see, the sprites sometimes "blow up" and sometimes simply don't appear at all. Not all sprites are affected.

    Snip of box drawn in Rhino 6, Boot Camp.jpg

    Cossacks in Parallels.jpg Cossacks in Parallels.jpg Cossacks in Bootcamp.jpg Snip of box drawn in Rhino 6, Boot Camp.jpg Snip of box drawn in Rhino 6, Parallels.jpg
  7. KebhaK@Parallels

    KebhaK@Parallels Parallels Support

    Please follow steps in the KB article to get to your virtual machine's configuration. Go to "Hardware">"Graphics" and increase the graphics memory to "1GB" ,change the resolution to "Scaled".Then click "Advanced Settings", change 3D acceleration to DirectX9 and disable vertical synchronization. Let us know if you are still experiencing the graphics issue.
  8. VilladsA


    Hey, I'm a developer currently working on a Dell with Windows, however the company I'm working to wants to go for mac's.
    Being used to windows I'm thinking of getting your software. Will my website develpment experience remain the same?
  9. MWAA

    MWAA Bit Poster

    Tried it, but no difference. Is was on DirectX 10 and Automatic memory just FYI

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