Desktop for Mac V4 - is the guest desktop limited to 800x600 ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by marrandy, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. marrandy


    Desktop for Mac V4.

    Is the guest desktop limited to 800x600 ?

    When I go to fullscreen, it only shows a small, a little of half-sized, guest desktop.

    The Mac screen is at 1440 x 900
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  2. sun-sense


    OK - his should really be in Linux. (admin - please move).

    After searching the forums and seeing a lot of the same questions, I did some checking myself.

    I had already set the video memory to 128MB, which should have been plenty but was limited to 1,024 x 768. But that was an improvement from 800 x 600. I checked my pcLinuxOS video settings and noted it was set to VESA not the nvidia driver.

    Trying to set it to NV or nvidia failed.

    In the end I set the video memory to the max. 256MB and reboooted and it came up fullscreen, finally.

    I suppose this is a limitation of the guest operating system, having to use VESA instead of the NV or Nvidia drivers.

    This should be spelt out as a lot of people are having linux guest screen resolution issues.

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