Desktop Update RC2 compatible with ANY Intel Mac with ANY RAM config!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ben @ Parallels, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Me as well... Parallelsd just bounces and crashes when starting up (no configuration selected yet!)
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    30" Cinema Display wont automatically switch to fullscreen mode with build 1922

    With WinXP VM loaded,

    I can manally switch to full screen mode by adjusting the properties to 2560x1600 resolution.
    BUT when automatically switching, parallels always maintains the last resolution picked from non-full-screen mode.

    Will there be fix in the future for this problem?

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    New build workin for me but not USB

    Gettin better. VM working, Internet working (no more messing with MTU settings - yeaa) USB printer still not working. At least it sees my epson printer now, even tells me the ink levels, but if I try to print anything I get windows blue screen of death with a bunch of words which flash by so fast I can not read them, and windows reboots. I tried using bonjour, everything seems to be working with it, but when I send a file it goes to bit heaven - windows thinks it printed but nothing ever goes to the printer. ???? Funny - I have a second printer (an hp laser) which has worked flawlessly from the start - go figure.
    Steve in Pa.
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    Up Graded to RC2 Still can not boot.

    Here are the screen shots.

    I am useing macbookpro .New winxp_sp2 disc. can not make an image of this disc made an image of winxp_sp2 upgrade it booted but then could not find previous version,stuck in full version in drive still would not read it.Get error messages and corupt disc messages.

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    Desktop Update RC2 and USB

    I installed the update on my MacBook with no trouble and it seems to work well. I was able to sync my Suunto Cobra dive computer which is great, but I still cannot get my 3D Connexion Spaceball to work (I get the device in use, wait 5 seconds). Hopefully in the next build. Thanks.
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    Still have to do the sleep thing, also

    I have the same problem except I have the 2.66GHz machine with 3GB of RAM.

    Anyone else have to put the mac to sleep before you get VT-x??


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