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    I am a DevOps engineer and I recently purchased a professional version of Parallels Desktop for development.
    I find that Paralles Desktop still has many shortcomings in the field of professional development,
    so I want to make some suggestions for improvement (for the current version of Paralles Desktop 17):

    Improvements to the use of software:

    1. Support the creation of a custom "Shared" type of network (currently only supports Host Only), because we may need to customize the network segment and isolate the network.
    2. Do not automatically open the VM UI (when I run a VM using the command line, even if the VM is set to not display the UI, the VM UI will still be automatically opened when the Parallels Desktop main program is opened for the first time)
    3. The command line tool `prlctl` is very unfriendly, and it is difficult for us to remember long options. I hope I can refer to the command line design similar to `docker` and `kubectl` and provide shell completion.

    Improvements to containerization:

    1. Support LinuxKit, the current docker-machine has been eliminated, we should use a better LinuxKit.
    2. SDK supporting more languages (such as golang), of course this is a small suggestion, it may not be important.
    3. Support Kubernetes, which will help cloud native developers use Parallels Desktop better.

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