Differences between Windows 11 HOME and PRO versions

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    I currently am running a VM of Windows 11 PRO (started with the Insider program and then downloaded the "retail" version from UUPDump on the recommendations here. Purchased a Windows 11 PRO license and got it activated and it runs fine. However, I have never used prior to this VM) the PRO version, always very happy with the HOME version.
    (1) What is the difference/advantage of the PRO version? I am basically running (or trying to LOL) a few games, Steam and an old database program. So do I need to continue with the PRO version?
    (2) If I decide to stick with the PRO version, I assume that means I will have to continue with the PRO version in the future and also the PRO version of Parallels. And I can't really see for my needs continuing with either PRO version (and paying the difference in the future).
    (3) If want to try out the HOME version, I assume I should download the trial version of the HOME version of Parallels. Will my current license work with that version or would I have to purchase a new HOME license for Parallels.
    Sorry if these were asked before, but just deciding how to proceed for now and for the future. (Or as much of the "future" we can guess about between Parallels, Microsoft and Apple.)
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    Microsoft has a comparison here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compare-windows-11-home-vs-pro-versions
    The average user is probably fine with Home. BitLocker is exclusive to Pro, but FileVault encrypts the whole VM and I don't think additional encryption within the VM will offer much, if any, added security.
    In your case it's probably best to stay with Pro, though. You already have the key after all. If Windows 12 (whenever that will be released) requires you to buy a new license, you can still switch to Home.

    SWANDY Kilo Poster

    Thanks Mike. I guess that makes more sense, since Parallels Pro is only $20 more per year than the Home version. And maybe next time I buy a new iMac I will be smarter and Gert 16GB of RAM and apparently Parallels Home won't support anything above 8GB.
    And I assume that a PRO license won't work with the Home edition of Windows 11 anyway.

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