Direct X bombs - version 3.0 doesn't live up to its billing

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by gregking, Jul 10, 2007.

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    I purchased/upgraded to version 3.0 due to the hype around being able to play "3D-games". I am trying to get a few titles to work (lets focus on Oblivion by Betheshda for now) and I am getting zero luck.

    I install and patch the game, go to run it and it essentially either locks up to the point where I have to reboot the Mac or it kicks it back to the XP main window. I have DirectX installed under the VM options.

    Does anyone have any thoughts / advice on this? Tech support has been less than supportive to say the least.

  2. zumwalt

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    Check out my thread of DirectX Bombs
    Your not going to get DirectX to work of any flavor.
    To date, I created images that use DX7, DX8, DX9 and DX10 in which case Vista totally blew chunks, XP Pro locks up hard and nothing DX works properly at all.

    Support Not Support in this case, they are pretty much blowing customers off with DirectX problems from what I can tell by personal experience.

    To further explain that they know about the problem, here is an exerpt from an email I sent them with there response to me:

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    I'm having the same exact problem. Is there a quick and easy solution? Also when i lowered all the graphics on the game I got it to work.. but the frame rate Sucks!

    MacBook Pro
    4GB Mem
    256video card
    Intel Core 2 Duo

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