Direct x12 Support (add app titles in comments)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by Danny7, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Danny7

    Danny7 Bit Poster

    Kindly add direct x 12 support for playing high end gaming virtually
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  2. TobiasB4

    TobiasB4 Bit Poster

    Anno1800 :D
  3. DashtonP

    DashtonP Bit Poster

    Battlefield 1, Battlefield V, Battlefront 2 (2018), Halo 5, Quantum Break
  4. BenjaminF2


    Forza Horizon 4
  5. GerryH3

    GerryH3 Bit Poster

    I'd like to add that as a developer, I'd really love general Direct X 12 support, not just specific titles. But I think if you cover Unreal Engine and Unity, that should take care of a vast majority of the needs of developers and gamers.

    Being able to stay on Mac OS while I code in Visual Studio inside of the Windows VM, compile on both platforms, and test on both platforms, would be a major, major, major productivity booster. Even if I don't get every feature or exact accuracy, that's fine. As long as it's stable and lets me run dev tools, I'm good.

    Let's add this to the list of apps, while we're at it: Renderdoc. It's an invaluable development tool for introspecting and debugging a graphics pipeline. I'm willing to bet that Parallels' developers probably use it!
  6. ManuelA4

    ManuelA4 Bit Poster


    Is there a planned release date for the release of DirectX 12 support?

    The goal is to set proper expectations here.

    Sincerest regards,
    Manuel Arno Korfmann Webentwicklung
  7. AndrewF5

    AndrewF5 Bit Poster

    Wow, you posted in February 2018, and Parallels has still not had the decency to respond? They continue to sell this application and subscription model as supporting Windows 10, when it in fact does not. DirectX 11 is for Windows 7 & 8, and they are using it through emulation for Windows 10, which needs DirectX 12. So there is no hardware access at this point. My $4k+ iMac sits here with 4GB GPU and 64GB RAM that cannot be utilized for graphics applications in Windows 10 due to the lack of DX 12 support. So, might as well use the free Virtual Box or other apps.
    Yes, Parallels, start being honest and push your teams to do better work, and stop lying in your marketing.
  8. mkrueger

    mkrueger Bit Poster

    I would like support for No Man's Sky. I guess the version of Vulcan it uses needs DX12?

    Unfortunately this was the first game I tried after upgrading to the newest Parallels, and I was pretty disappointed. It seems like marketing Parallels as a way to play games on Mac is somewhat disingenuous if you don't support the newest Vulcan.
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  9. Salsou


    Hello !
    I wanted to play to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone, but unfortunately it needs directX 12, as many other recent games. So it would be really usefull to have access to this version.
  10. Kent Stuart

    Kent Stuart Bit Poster

    Doom Eternal and Vulcan support would be much appreciated Parallels!!!!
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  11. RAULS4

    RAULS4 Bit Poster

    Please add support for Call Of Duty Warzone

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