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  1. sharkez


    I've noticed that whenever a directory is created in a shared directory from within an application, the newly created directory is marked as "read only." By this I mean if you are going to save a file while running a windows app and decide to create a new directory (folder) within the mounted shared directory, the new directory/folder has the "read only" bit set and nothing can be written to the directory. Even changing the bit within windows doesn't allow a file to be written there.

    I had a similar problem when I tried to store an Oracle 9i DB on a shared directory--couldn't get it to work.

    I'm running 3186 but this was true in 3170.

    Anyone else see this?

    MPB C2D 2.33 3gig
  2. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    something like it

    but i justused a temproary folder on the WinXP desktop as a work around

    and drag and droped it to copy to the Mac desktop as abck up

    but I am a GUI person not a unix buff

    Hugh W

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