DirectX 11 Support (list of app titles)

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    Worth noting that WARP is a CPU fallback for when DX11 (or DX10) is installed, but there is no GPU hardware available to support hardware acceleration. It is faster than the old software rasterisation, because it is multithreaded, but it is much slower than either native hardware acceleration or virtualised hardware. Revit can use WARP, and with a little hack can be made to use the Parallels driver like hardware with DX10 level functionality, and my benchmarks have shown a huge difference between Hardware Acceleration on Virtualised Hardware vs WARP, and a big difference between WARP and no acceleration at all. Also, WARP can affect overall performance because it will max out all CPU cores, which means less resources for other CPU needs, and potentially thermal throttling at some point.
    In the end, paying for a "professional" Parallels that is a buggy POS with 5 year old graphics technology is just offensive.
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    Are you saying there's a way to patch it or giving an explanation of what WARP does cause if there's a way to force WARP to not e considered, if I'm understanding your explanation correctly than that'd be awesome! Of course DirectDraw is still an issue.
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    That's not about old graphics technology, that's about Apple proving an API for its graphics driver to implement DirectX 11. macOS does not support OpenGL Compute Shaders, which is a requirement to develop DirectX 11 support for virtual environment.
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    Voting for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds!
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    Dark Souls 3 please..
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    YES! PLEASE DIRECTX 11!!! OMG!!, gentlemen! Microsoft is on DirectX 12.5 right now, and Parallels is not even compatible with DirectX 11 yet???? Come on! I've heard about lagging behind the times, but this is ridiculous!

    I use Parallels specifically to play one game, Warframe. It uses DirectX 11, and right now I am UNABLE to use DirectX 10 or 11 with the game in Parallels. If I do, the game crashes, and the lag is terrible. As it is, using DirectX 9 makes the game super laggy, but at least it doesn't crash and it is minimally playable... with a bit of frustration. The thing is... BootCamp on my Mac is not super inconvenient. Parallels is more convenient because I can still get notifications on my Mac and I can still run my servers while running Parallels. But... and I said BUT... if the game is too laggy and too unstable to play within Parallels, there is simply no reason to keep buying Parallels.

    I bought Parallels 13 with the hope that my gaming experience would be better than with Parallels 12, but in all honesty there was absolutely no change. From my perspective, it was a useless purchase. A waste of money. I don't mean to be disrespectful, and I don't mean to belittle the amazing work that developers are doing with Parallels. I'm just telling you the absolute truth, where the rubber hits the road. Right now, I have no reason to buy Parallels 14, and I'm certain I won't unless there is DirectX 11 support.

    Something to think about...
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    Hi @EdwardW3, this is not about Parallels Desktop, but about macOS that does not support OpenGL Compute Shaders, which is a requirement to develop DirectX 11 support (or higher) for virtual environment. As of today, it is technically not possible to implement DirectX 11 support in Parallels virtual machines.
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    It looks like OpenGL and OpenCL will be depreciated altogether in upcoming MacOS 10.14 in favor of Apple's 3D graphic and programming interface, Metal, including Metal Performance Shaders. Programs built for OpenGL will still run, but they won't be updated. This doesn't bode well for the portion of Parallel's business that relies on gamers.

    Since Parallels is a virtual machine emulating a different OS, would it be possible to create an "emulator" that acts as a bridge between OpenGL and Metal within Parallels?

    Or... is it possible to give Windows within the VM direct access to the graphics card with the graphics card manufacturer's own drivers?

    In other words... is there anything we can do?
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    >Since Parallels is a virtual machine emulating a different OS, would it be possible to create an "emulator" that acts as a bridge between OpenGL and Metal within Parallels?
    That's actually quite what we do. While OpenGL is deprecated in 10.14 it will still be available for applications to use, it merely suggests that *new* apps should target Metal instead. So, it's a bit early to panic yet. Our Engineering Team is fully aware of the situation and will certainly keep Parallels flagship product up and running.

    Regarding direct access to graphics hardware from VM, this is not currently possible in macOS. As you might have guessed, Parallels Engineering constantly looks for ways to improve our products, and they have investigated hardware access approach as well.

    All in all, we ask you to post every piece of software that you need to run in VM, then our Engineering Team evaluates if it's possible to implement graphics for this particular software, and if yes - we're doing it.
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    Lumion 8
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    QUAKE CHAMPIONS ( direct x 11 issue )
    OBS STUDIO/Streamlabs cant sync into 4k BRIO webcam.
    MAGICLEAP ( augmented software ) has issues
    I HAVE an elgato HUB
    Insignia hub
    Belkin hub.
    Neither 2.0 or 3.0 even Type C can comprehend
    ThunderBolt 2/3 cables including webcam even if you update
    device manager/properities/drives.
    virtually useless for Gpu Sniffer for
    Sony Vegas/Adobe/Premiere/Aftereffects/Lightroom
    Forget about Cinema4d and 3d apps..forget about it Xd

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