DirectX 11 Support (list of app titles)

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  1. GeraldA2

    GeraldA2 Bit poster

    Add "Golf Club 2019"
  2. DavidW13

    DavidW13 Bit poster

    VMware fusion has moved to Metal backend since version 10, hope Parallels Desktop do the same.
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  3. IulianV

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    How about adding Elite Dangerous to the list of supported titles? Thanks!
  4. KimN

    KimN Bit poster

    Kurtpel and similar Anime MMOs. They aren't heavy and complex as say. Battlefield or Black Ops kind of games.
  5. DashtonP

    DashtonP Member

    Fallout 4, Black Desert Online, The Witcher 3, GTA V, Far Cry 5, AC: Odyssey, Star Citizen ;)
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  6. HowardA1

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  7. MarioS13

    MarioS13 Bit poster

    dgVoodoo for backward-campartibility for old games like dark forces 2 needs directx10.0 or 10.1. atm it only worls via WDDM... and its so lame :(
  8. xazac

    xazac Bit poster

    Please, add Rise of Nations: Extended Edition
  9. AndrewL25

    AndrewL25 Bit poster

    DirectX11 required for Apex Legends.

    Thank you!
  10. JamesH33

    JamesH33 Bit poster

    AutoCad 2019 Hardware Acceleration does not work. Please update to current Direct X versions
  11. tomjamescn

    tomjamescn Bit poster

    Grand Theft Auto V
  12. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Hi all,

    Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac supports DirectX 11.
    • Some applications will work only on macOS Catalina where Apple implemented more functionality in Apple Metal.
    • The best performance is available on macOS Catalina and ATI Radeon graphics cards.
    • Support of DirectX 11 doesn't upgrade your Mac hardware and virtualization has its costs. Don't expect you can play high end games on hardware that is not designed for this.

    Anyway, if you experience poor performance in DirectX 11 application or games you use, then check the list in the first post and if you don't see it here, let us know. We will focus our efforts on your cases.
  13. DashtonP

    DashtonP Member

    Help with Black Desert Online performance in Parallels 15!
    Here is my setup:
    2018 13" MBP
    i5 processor
    16GB RAM
    AMD RX 580 eGPU (via Razer Core X)

    Firstly, the game will fail to run (Says 'Unable to run this application under a Virtual Machine') if you don't delete the contents of 'SystemBiosVersion' in the Windows 10 registry editor... It's very easy to delete the contents of this registry entry, just tedious! I wonder if Parallels could provide a solution to this built in so we don't have to change this every time we reconfigure our Virtual Machines?

    Secondly, performance is just on the cusp of being playable in macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (20-30fps, with frequent stutters). It is so close to being playable that I almost think all I need to do is tweak the virtual machine settings some more... maybe I am setting too much RAM or CPU, or not enough vRAM? I don't even know if the eGPU helps at all... all we need is around 30fps or greater (20 is a bit low...), and maybe less stutters.

    I am going to try it on Catalina 10.15 and see if the performance improves at all. Like I said though, this app is very close to being playable as is.. only a slight bit off optimization is needed to push it across the 30fps line :)
  14. CraigM5

    CraigM5 Junior Member

    Path of Exile (game). Was working quite well on High Sierra with Parallels 15. Now having lags after upgrading to Mojave (purely for the Directx 11 capability).
  15. ChrisE5

    ChrisE5 Bit poster

    Hi Parallels team,

    Thank you for your hard work in supporting DirectX 11!

    I have had some success with Interstellar Space: Genesis v1.0.4 (DRM-free via Humble Bundle). So far I am able to play the opening cinematic and render the menu screen (using DX11), but I'll try a real game next. ISG uses Unity, but the developers don't have the resources to test and release on macOS at the moment.

    MacBook Pro 15", Late 2013
    2.3 GHz i7
    16GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GT 750M 2GB
    macOS 10.14.6
    Parallels Desktop 15.0.0
    Windows 7 SP1
  16. ChrisE5

    ChrisE5 Bit poster

    I could play the first 15 turns in Interstellar Space: Genesis. At this point I built a Robotic Factory, which resulted in a crash in the planet viewer. I sent in some crash reports (321068901, 321069028).
  17. ChrisE5

    ChrisE5 Bit poster

    Looking into the crash further, it seems like the vertex attributes for the Robotic Factory building are considered invalid leading to the video device thread which translates DX11 calls to Metal aborting.

    Host Graphics Crash
    Caught Abort trap in video device thread:
    prl_vm_app base address: 0x108b4a000
    0 prl_vm_app 0x0000000108cd143e _ZN16CBaseNodeSignals11qt_metacallEN11QMetaObject4CallEiPPv + 480702
    1 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fff7e84ab5d _sigtramp + 29
    2 ??? 0x0000000000000004 0x0 + 4
    3 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff7e7046a6 abort + 127
    4 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff7e6cd20d basename_r + 0
    5 Metal 0x00007fff572d668e MTLReportFailure + 567
    6 Metal 0x00007fff5728dff6 _ZL23validateVertexAttributePK39MTLVertexBufferLayoutDescriptorInternaliRK36MTLVertexAttributeDescriptorInternal + 264
    7 Metal 0x00007fff5728dc6c -[MTLVertexDescriptorInternal validateWithVertexFunction:error:] + 460
    8 Metal 0x00007fff5728d8d8 -[MTLRenderPipelineDescriptorInternal newSerializedVertexDataWithFlags:eek:ptions:error:] + 187
    9 Metal 0x00007fff5728c7f7 -[MTLCompiler newRenderPipelineStateWithDescriptor:eek:ptions:reflection:error:completionHandler:] + 211
    10 Metal 0x00007fff5728c70f -[_MTLDevice newRenderPipelineStateWithDescriptor:error:] + 65​
  18. CraigM5

    CraigM5 Junior Member

    Further to my earlier post regarding Path of Exile (game by GGG). I would like to extend my thanks to the Parallels team for getting us to this point, I omitted to do that in my earlier post but I'm appreciative of the ongoing support. It has been a long road here but I'm grateful.

    • iMac (27 inch, late 2013)
    • 3.5 GHz i7
    • 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M with 4096 VRAM.
    • Parallels Version 15 (previously 14)
    • Windows 10.
    Under Apple OS 10.13.6 the game is perfectly playable and has been for Parallels Ver. 14 as well. However as soon as I upgrade to Apple OS 10.14.6 (Current Ver.) I experience almost constant disconnections from the GGG servers when authenticating any character to an instance to actually play. I can logon initially without issue to the character selection screen, but any further than that inevitably leads to a disconnection with an "authentication to instance" error. The Windows 10 VM seems to behave normally in all other respects at this stage, other games installed via Steam "appear" to operate as expected. Admittedly I don't play them anywhere near as much as Path of Exile though.

    I spent approximately 10 hours troubleshooting various settings with regard to network configuration for the VM and other potential video related settings but to no avail. No improvement was perceived. I then rolled back to my Time Machine backup of 10.13.6 and the issue was immediately resolved. A week later after researching for anything I could find that may provide a clue about changes in Mojave with regard to network protocol changes etcetera (of which I found nothing useful) I again attempted some trouble shooting on Mojave. Both Parallels Ver. 15 & Ver. 14 exhibit the same behaviour while in Mojave.

    I can literally unmount the SSD containing the Parallels VM and mount it on my MacBook Pro running Apple OS 10.13.6 and a trial version of Parallels Ver. 15 and immediately play trouble free again. The MacBook Pro has a GeForce GTX 760M. Rolling back to a Time Machine backup of Apple OS 10.13.6 on the iMac also immediately resolves the issue. Given that I gain no definitive benefit from Mojave in any other way than the potential for Directx 11 in a Parallels VM, I've rolled back to High Sierra (10.13.6) and will continue to run such until some fix reveals itself.

    Unfortunately I suspect I'm a less than 1% of Path of Exile Players as far as my configuration goes. I've not found any one else commenting on either here or the gaming forums in general about such a problem. The problem is known, mostly in the past, but no definitive answer has been cited for the problem. Some indicate running the game from an SSD (which I already am as such). Others indicate more RAM, but those are low RAM situations. My VM has the maximum 8 GB allocated that it can. Besides the issue immediately disappears after a rollback to High Sierra. I can't seem to find anything outstanding in logs, but it's difficult to know which one may be the most useful. The Parallels logs don't appear to indicate any problems.

    Is anyone out there having a similar issue but with a different application?

  19. CraigM5

    CraigM5 Junior Member

    Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games.
  20. JustinFranks

    JustinFranks Bit poster

    Batman: Arkham Origins runs horridly on Parallels 15, both with and without DirectX 11 enabled in the game settings. On my old 2012 iMac on Parallels 12 (i7-3770, 32 GB RAM, GTX 680MX 2 GB), it ran great at 1080P with most settings at high, or at native 1440P with a few settings turned down. On my new 2019 iMac (i9-9900K, 40 GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega 8 GB), even at 720P with all settings at their lowest, the game runs at about 5 fps in Parallels 15.

    Batman: Arkham Knight throws errors regarding video memory (it says something along the lines of "2578 MB VRAM is required at the current settings, 0 MB VRAM is available").

    GTA V runs, but performance is quite bad. At 1080P with all settings at their lowest, my 2019 iMac runs it at around 20-25 fps in Parallels 15.

    All were tested on both Mojave and Catalina (public betas 7 and 8), with 8 vCPU's, 16 GB RAM, the "Games only" profile selected, and VRAM set to Auto, 1 GB, and 2 GB (the maximum).

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