"DirectX Applications are still running"

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by The Merovingian, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. The Merovingian

    The Merovingian Bit poster

    No they're f*****g not!! I never even ran a 3D application yet it still insists that 3D applications are running and i should close it before suspending it.

    OpenGL doesn't work at all when Direct X support is active.

    Many games that support the shader model 2.0 DO NOT WORK!

    Tell me, Parallels Team, what is wrong with this version of Parallels? Why doesn't it do what you said it would? When will these issues be resolved? C'mon, we're all waiting.
  2. katskratch@mac.com

    katskratch@mac.com Bit poster

    error mess: OpenGL or DirectX still running


    I continue to get this error mess: Parallels Desktop cannot (insert task; close, save, create snapshot...) because graphics application that uses OpenGL or DirectX is running. Please close the app before (task).

    I'm not a PCer, not a gamer, don't even know what this means or how I've turned them on BUT I do know they're seriously hindering my ability to get work done. Can't anyone tell me what to do?

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