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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by nulldev, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. nulldev

    nulldev Bit poster

    Is there going to be any DirectX support in Parallels?

    I have a client that wants to move from a PC to a MBP. There only catch is that they have a web interface for a camera security system that uses an activex plugin. I've tried it in with the latest beta and I don't get any video. My guess is that it needs some directx support.
  2. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    I guess that you want to use ActiveX in your VM. It will surely work - it has nothing to do wth DirectX 3D subsystem. Your client will surely have his web interface from the VM.
  3. nulldev

    nulldev Bit poster

    The ActiveX control loads fine and I can get logged into the web interface. The only problem is that no video shows. Not sure what is needed to view the video, my guess is that they used DirectX. I know they are useing H.264 compression.

    Every PC I have tried this with has never had a problem. Only have a problem with Parallels.
  4. wesley

    wesley Pro

    Video playback isn't related to DirectX, IIRC. More of a video overlay function. dxdiag shows that, under PW, DirectDraw (the 2D part of DirectX) works. Meanwhile, regular video playback, streaming and standalone, works under PW, so I think your problem is some sort of a special situation. Perhaps you should give the URL to the Parallels guys so they can have a look?
  5. spyder@

    spyder@ Bit poster

    its likely to be an overlay problem... i got the same no video (but sound) as i was trying to stream digital tv with a digitv client software ( The client requires an overlay which is not available with the parallels video driver as far as i understand.

    any thoughts if this can be supported?

  6. nulldev

    nulldev Bit poster

    The ActiveX control is HCNetVideo. I just can't find any information about it.

    I don't think my client would allow outside access into his video surveillance system. He is paroniod.

    Here is a link to the system they are using if this helps at all:

    I think spyder might have something with the video overlay.
  7. willwgm3

    willwgm3 Member

    I too would like this support. I have issues running VMWare's Virtual Center client inside of a parallels winxp pro guest. I can run it inside of remote desktop (on the XP guest). I'm guessing that the problem is overlay.

  8. loper9

    loper9 Bit poster

    FYI, I, too, need to view security video cameras via a Windows remote viewing client software... it had not been working... I changed settings in the client software; my choices were Overlay Mixer, Video Renderer, and GDI. The first two do not work, but the GDI setting does work-- perfectly. I'm using Lorex hardware and their software client on MacBook Pro.

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