Disable automatic restart by Parallels Tools installation

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  1. Esko

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    Don't hazard my work.
  2. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    We are doing it when we can, but most of the time fixes in drivers require Tools update that require Windows restart.

    Professional users may disable automatic restart and only update Tools when they are ready.
    To do so, in Pro or Business Edition, go to virtual machine configuration > Options > More Options pane and disable "Update Parallels Tools automatically"
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  3. Dmitry@Parallels

    Dmitry@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hello @Esko, thank you so much for your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot stop updating Parallels Tools in Windows as we constantly bring fixes to graphics, network, integration, and other drivers. However, in Parallels Desktop version 18, we have changed the approach to Parallels Tools installation in a way that Parallels Tools update will be installed upon Windows restart to prevent unwanted interruptions. If you don't want to update the Tools right after you resume your VM, simply click "Postpone" and continue working with Windows until you are ready to restart. Please try the new experience and let me know if it works better for you. Thank you!
  4. GarrettB5

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    Parallels Tools is saying I need to restart immediately after all windows updates lately. Can't whatever drivers need to be updated be included in the Windows update or na? It's pretty annoying.

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