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Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox Feature Suggestions' started by megavolt17, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. megavolt17

    megavolt17 Product Expert

    This seems like a neat utility, but after reading about the reasons to mute my mic I wonder if the application should also have the ability to disable my computer's camera.

    I hear Zuckerberg keeps tape over his computer's camera due to privacy concerns. Would be nice to be able to turn it off until I chose to use it!
  2. Hi, we provided you request to our Development Team.
    And will update you soon.
  3. RichJ

    RichJ Bit poster

    I would also like the disable camera feature. Sometimes I need to work in sensitive areas, and I would like an easy way to disable the camera on my laptop. Some meeting apps like WebEx will enable the camera by default unless you change the configuration.
  4. ReggieMan

    ReggieMan Bit poster

    I second this!
  5. RobbieF

    RobbieF Bit poster

    Yeah, my current tape over the camera method (probably already patented by Zuckerburg M.) is a little hard to switch on and off. On your mac the led light shouldn't engage any time if the camera is not on however, that doesn't protect you against quick intrusions that take short momentary snaps that you or any reasonable user might not notice. I'd prefer to see that as a feature of parallels though and not parallels tools. at the moment the beauty of it is that it's relatively lightweight and can run on any mac without taxing the system too much. Add another feature in there and that could change. I bet someone very cleaver has developed a script somewhere that can do this. Perhaps the tool we really need is a script implementer.
  6. Parallels Toolbox Update 1.3.0 (636)
    Disable Camera -- disables computer's built-in camera
    You can update by clicking on Parallels Toolbox icon > Cogwheel > Check for Updates.
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