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    we're on the way to switch from citrix to ras.
    On citrix I used a registry-key to disable all local drives for every user.
    Is there a easier way in ras?
    We're running a erp software and the users itself shouldn't have any access outside their own networkdrive.

    Also just a noobie question.
    If I add a new user, I have to do that in AD manually?
    Also setting the AD-group?
    Or is there a easier way through ras directly?
    Cause I'm able to send a mail from ras, I thaught the user could be added to AD automatically.

    Regards and keep healthy
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    Hi Philipp,

    I guess you just want to hide the drives from the users so that only network drives are visible and restrict access right?

    I am not aware of RAS providing such functionality. We use group policies for that.

    Here are a few links on the topic:

    New users cannot be set up via RAS. This is still done via the Active Directory. To simplify the process, I wrote a PowerShell script that creates users and adds them to the groups. If necessary, it can also be used to send invitations. For this I used the RASAdmin PowerShell module. I don't think the Parallels RAS REST API offers this functionality yet.

    PowerShell RASAdmin Module:

    Parallels RAS REST API:

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards
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