Disable Shared applications (VM > Mac) for all VMs / new VMs

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    I understand the unified applications feature is something you may feel enhances Parallels, but it's such a hinderance. The amount of times I search for an application through spotlight on Mac and Parallels is suggesting some obscure app from a VM that I have never used as the 'top hit' is far too often.

    Once Parallels had replaced the system version of terminal with several versions of terminal that it found over various VM's. Accidentally selecting one of these versions triggers the long winded process of starting up a VM.

    Managing this feature is painfully frustrating, disabling it means delving into each VM or creating VM templates and being mindful of it when you create a new VM.

    Please can this be disabled by default or at least have one centralised option that removes Application's from each VM being unified into the Mac system.

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