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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by LazyA, Aug 3, 2022.

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    Seriously, how hard can this be?

    It used to be possible by forcing the Windows virtual to 'see' the WIN key as the right-hand side CMD key on my mac keyboard. Now there doesn't appear to be any option for left or right versions of either the CMD or ALT keys within the Preferences Panel > Shortcuts > Virtual Machines > Profile.

    I made the stupid mistake of trying to configure/change the settings I had in my Virtual Machines Window 10 profile and realised I had actually enabled the WIN key to be the predominate key within Windows, and that I had to now use CTRL for all my shortcuts which is (twitch, twitch... graaaaaaaaaghhhhhh) really, really (and I cannot stress this enough) ... annoying.

    Checked the Restore To Defaults but nothing changed.

    Did the powers-that-be change something in a recent update? Is the WIN key now immovable? Is there any way I can get the setting I had, even though it wasn't perfect, back up and running because I cannot reconfigure my skeletal structure to adapt to this new, weirdo, way of working?

    Any help appreciated.

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