Display performance very low when running Excel on MacBook Pro 2017

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by KevinW20, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. KevinW20

    KevinW20 Bit Poster

    Hello all,

    I have bought Parrallel to run the Windows version of Microsoft Excel 2016 on Windows 10 (I need the PowerPivot feature and PowerBi Desktop). The virtual machine works absolutely fine except for Excel and Edge, these applications seem to have difficulties with the high resolution of the Retina screen. It's even worse on the 5K LG Ultrafine external display. Scrolling up or down a spreadsheet is a nightmare, the frame rate drops to almost unusable. It seems that even the calculations are long to compute - or to display.

    I have a MackBook Pro 13" with an Intel Core i7 3,5 GHz 16 Mo RAM Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB. Best configuration for the so far for the VM is to allow 4 CPUs / 8 Go RAM (but then the Mac slows down significantly...).

    On Bootcamp with the latest Intel Graphics drivers it's better (but the display blinks with 2 seconds long black screens, making bootcamp unusable).

    Could you please advise ?

    Thanks, regards,

  2. 44franktn

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    Long-time Parallels user - principally for Excel. Using Office 365 version. MBP 13" late 2016 w16GB memory. Parallels running Win10 w8GB memory. Memory set to auto, but changed to 1GM with slight improvement. Since switching to PDv15 noticed graphics issue particularly with scrolling. Cannot smooth scroll either down or up. Using scroll bar to move up 1 screen at a time, lag after clicking, lag in response on screen. Dragging down equivalent of 2 or more screens, in addition to lag, screen jumps to new area in worksheet. Similar experience with Word. Very annoying. Need windows version for Power Pivot, KU Tools, etc. Slows down working with large spreadsheets. Maybe Catalina will help. Hope someone has suggestions. SM
  3. KimD4

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    Exactly same symptom with PD 15. I am using Office 365 on MBP 2016 i5 16GB 512GB SSD. Scrolling stutters so much that MAC Excel feels so smooth now. I hope Parallels address this issue soon and fix it.
  4. KevinW20

    KevinW20 Bit Poster

    So how have you done, bought a second laptop for Microsoft Excel only ? I seriously considering doing so.
  5. Vesa-Matti

    Vesa-Matti Bit Poster

    I'm using win 10 and excel and when I connect my MBP 2017 to external displays, excel slows down, it's almost useless. I can't understand why external displays makes this.
  6. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi could you please reproduce the issue, collect the the tech report right after that and post the report's id here.
  7. DavidK38

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    Using PD15 Windows 10 Pro 64bits.
    Using 4 vCPU with 4GB assigned to the VM guest on NVMe virtual hard disk
    Likely wise, the graphical performance generally in Microsoft Office (using 365) suite are lack lustre.
    This is what I did to get the best out of the mud we are in now.
    1) Disable H/W acceleration in any either PPT, EXCEL, or WORD app, it will be common across all
    2) Disable subpixel rendering
    3) Using scaled display instead of Retina

    Enabling H/W acceleration basically slow down even drag and drop in Powerpoint with stutters
    Scrolling in both Word and Excel is generally sluggish in feeling
  8. KevinW20

    KevinW20 Bit Poster

    I confirm that I achieved a significant improvement in disabling hardware acceleration for all Office Products (indeed disabling it in one application applies to all the Office suite). Still not as good as Excel on a Windows computer though...

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