Do I need Windows CALs or GALs for 2x Application Server

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by jeibie, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. jeibie

    jeibie Guest


    as far as I understand Windows Terminal Server services have to be
    installed for using 2x App Server.

    But how 2x handles the Terminal Server Licenses from Microsoft?
    Do they matter?

  2. MrDave79

    MrDave79 Guest

    I would love an answer to this question too!

    Am considering moving to 2x. It looks great.
  3. sepp

    sepp Guest

    You need MS-TS Licenses for sure. Why wouldn't you?
    As 2x relies on MS TS (as Citrix also does) you have to pay for it.
  4. virtualorbis

    virtualorbis Guest

    But how many licenses?
    The same number of 2X licenses? What is the cost reduction then?
  5. n22383

    n22383 Guest

    however many users will be requiring sessions is how many licenses you will need for MSTS licenses. You will need to purchase the same amount in 2X licenses as well. At least thats what i gather from the information on their licensing page. If you have 5 or less connections, then you can run the 2X AS for free.

    The cost reduction comes in when you consider the required resources your saving by using something such as this. Instead of having users initiate desktop sessions consuming resources and starting at minimum 15 or so processes per desktop instance, they are starting 2 or 3 processes with each application. Freeing your terminal server resources up to handle more users or handle users faster. Also with launching individual applications versus a desktop as like MSTS, you consume less bandwidth and have more available for other services. This is especially useful if you have users that connect of the internet. I believe i read in the knowledge base that 2X consumes virtually nothing when a session is idle. and anywhere from 30k-100k of bandwidth when active. As i understand it this is for an individual application? ... yband.html

    That article is on citrix, but it still gives the point that bandwidth efficiency is as valuable as server resources. I am unable to find conclusive information regarding the amount of bandwidth a desktop session takes with MSTS by itself. I would assume 200-300k depending on how many refreshes are required for the desktop.

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