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Who also gets these annoying ads to upgrade and wishes you could minimize them or say notify later?

  1. Me too.

  2. I do too.

  1. PatrickC20

    PatrickC20 Bit poster

    It makes me sad that I have to even make this request for paid software, but the feature I'd most like to see in Parallels is the removal of ads. If there are some contracts that make this impossible, then at least make them opt in.

    Parallels is a productivity app which I pay good money for, it should never pollute my desktop with ads.

    Attached is a screenshot of the ad that interrupted my workflow today.

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  2. MartinB26

    MartinB26 Member

    Today I started Parallels to get this:


    What the hell is gone wrong in your mind, Parallels team? Worst thing is my firewall alerted me that this dialog connected to Google servers incl. Google Tag Manager services to track your customers and give data to Google WITHOUT consent, effectively breaking EU's GDPR laws.

    You already charge money on your customers for your app, yet to nag them to spend more money on apps that you don't even have any association with. How much did they pay you to mis-treat your customers and destroy the last trust you have from your customers? Someone really should sue you for that, my honest opinion.
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  3. JamesS10

    JamesS10 Bit poster

    Parallels support site does not work in Safari. "Choose Your Product to Reach Out to Support" links do nothing. Embarrassing.
    I have yet to see the support site do anything but spin on the same page in Edge. Embarrassing.
    Ads pop up on a paid product. Embarrassing.
    Good job, Parallels :)
  4. IvanI8

    IvanI8 Bit poster

    This is unacceptable. I feel left out!
  5. DebasmitaM

    DebasmitaM Forum Maven

    Hello, how can I help you?
  6. sam-tech

    sam-tech Bit poster

    I was thinking of buy-in the pro license. Is it still the care that you get what looks like adware with parallels?
  7. sam-tech

    sam-tech Bit poster

    typo in above post:
    buy-in -> buying
    care -> case
  8. JK_5

    JK_5 Bit poster

    I agree with this
  9. ChrisD36

    ChrisD36 Bit poster

    Holy crap, this is awful from Parallels. I've put up with it prompting me several times but now just accidentally installed that rubbish software that I DO NOT WANT because I saw vm tools and clicked through without thinking. Immediately uninstalled, but I'm pretty annoyed that software for which I am paying a premium for is trying to shovel more crap at me. Seriously stop it or I cancel my sub.
  10. BruceT4

    BruceT4 Bit poster

    • I was shocked and offended to suddenly get a popup ad in a Parallels wrapper today.
    • Parallels, you must NOT advertise crap on a PAID product, it is very unethical and is costing you business.
    • I will recommend to people not to buy this until I hear an official word that this feature has been wiped clean of your paid product.
  11. mds11

    mds11 Bit poster

  12. ChrisR33


    funny story, I spent the one time fee last time they had a sale on version 18. Guess what came out 2 months after their sale and just outside their scummy pricing for an upgrade? Version 19, with all these pop-ups reminding me I paid too much for out of date software and now they want to milk me harder for an upgrade instead of just switching me over like I kindly asked in an e-mail exchange to their support. I'm out 160+ for the same software someone else only has to pay 110 for.. Absolutely scummy.

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