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Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox Feature Suggestions' started by JosephT3, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. JosephT3

    JosephT3 Bit Poster

    I would love some that does not allow my computer to sleep but would lock (grey out) the screen so others can't do anything to it while it is working.

    I have to cases where i need this one is at work and one is at home.
    I both case I have something that is working that i don't want the computer to go to sleep (rendering, cloning drives, etc..) that may take a few hours but don't want anyone to mess with the computer while it is working. So something that would either grey out the screen or curtain it off and maybe have a simple password that can be set at the time of activation but is not based on my user login.
  2. Tony Carreon

    Tony Carreon Kilo Poster

    here's what i would do..
    1. open terminal and run the command "caffeinate" (no quotes, this will keep your mac from going to sleep regardless of the power settings)
    2. make sure you have "require password" set to Immediately in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy
    3. lock your screen CONTROL+SHIFT+POWER

    your screen is now locked, will require your password (i know of no way to lock your screen and require a password that is not your password) if someone activates the screen, but the actual computer should not go to sleep.

    when you're done, simply kill the command (CONTROL+C) and caffeinate stops running and your machine will go back to normal power settings
  3. JamesC17

    JamesC17 Bit Poster

    Plenty of work arounds out there for the missing "Winows-L" shortcut. But if your going to do all the stuff Tony suggests, why not just click on your login name in the menu bar and select Login Window... (You will not be logged out, but the screen will lock.)
    In any case, shortcut keys would be nice.
  4. Alex Patsay

    Alex Patsay Parallels Team

    good news, everyone, shortcuts are now available in Toolbox 2.0 and later.

    as for topic starter's request, one option would be to open Launch tool and drag Do Not Sleep and Lock Screen tool icons into Launch tool. Boom, now you have a single tool that can do exactly what you requested -- activate Do Not Sleep mode and Lock Screen with one click. Now assign a shortcut to it in Toolbox Preferences and you are good to go.

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