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    I am using Parallels Desktop in a Japanese environment, in which I am constantly hitting the Enter (Return) key to convert hiragana to Chinese characters. I set Parallels up such that it makes periodical Snapshots. But it takes forever for one Snapshot to be created, so when I am racing against the clock (most of the time I am, because I am a translator who has to meet deadlines), I cancel the operation. I just want it to do it when I am not in a hurry, or when I am away from the PC for lunch or something. However, since I am constantly hitting the Enter (Return) key to type Japanese, there have too many cases in which Parallels starts making a Snapshot before I know it (the window asking me whether I want to proceed to make a Snapshot appears a split second before I hit the Enter key), disrupting my work for something like 15 minutes, easily.

    If I only make Snapshots manually, I probably won't make enough of them to protect my data. So what I would like to see is the option to unlink the OK button in the window asking me whether I want to make a Snapshot from the Enter (Return) key, so that I won't accidentally (and quite regrettably) get the process started by hitting it (which I do all the time). (By the way, the Snapshot-making process cannot be stopped once it is started; enabling me to stop the Snapshot-making process is another option.)

    This has been driving me crazy over the years. Now that I have more than 15 minutes to spare in the middle of a super-rushed job (because Parallels started making a Snapshot...ugggh), I am making this feature suggestion. I hope it gets implemented soon.

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