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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by aeker, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. aeker

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    With the newest Version of the Client from the Apple Appstore its very difficult to handle multiple programs.

    for example there is 1 active outlook, 1 active word, 1 active internet explorer and 1 actice "new mail" outlook window. In my opinion when all programs are not minimized and i want to switch from word to the "new mail" window i move the mouse to the apple dock, but unfortunately there are no program icons of opened 2x programs at all. if i do a rightlick on the 2xClient icon and select "show all" i get the Exposé view of all running 2x apps, nice! but it doesnt work to move to a specific windows here...

    so next step was to download the beta 10.6.1471 client from the homepage, but the pkg file is some kind of broken, and i can't install it, finder says "cannot open, its better to move it to the trash"...
  2. jpc

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    Right now, window switching is a bit limited but can be done via the 2X Client dock icon (where programs are displayed as different windows).

    With regards to the other issue, I believe that could be a gatekeeper issue (most probably a beta packaging issue). Short of disabling gatekeeper and trying the pkg file out once more, you will need to contact 2X directly to get a '.pkg' file.

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