Docker Desktop in Windows 11 Parallel Desktop for M1 Mac

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by ShyamS4, Sep 13, 2022.

  1. ShyamS4

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    I am trying to install and configure Docker(Desktop) in Parallels Desktop Windows 11 in MacBook M1(Apple Silicon).
    But I am seeing multiple errors while installing WSL Ubuntu and the Docker Desktop isn't starting. It seems the Hyper-V is not getting enabled.
    I read somewhere that the nested virtualization isn't supported in M1 Mac. Am I doing any mistake or is there any way to make Docker work in Parallels Desktop in M1.
  2. BabatundeA


    I just ran into this same issue; were you able to resolve this?
  3. Woobie


    I ran into exactly the same issue. Now Docker seems not to like that "virtualizatin is not enabled in BIOS".
    Running docker was the only reason to buy parallels, there was literally no other use case for me. Is there anyone who was able to solve this?

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  4. Sanjiv

    Sanjiv Bit Poster

    Any updates on this?
  5. KoryT


    This was the sole reason I discontinued use of Parallels If others are still facing the same issue, then it does not look like it has been solved yet.

    My use case was to test reproducible developer workflows via various isolation technologies: Docker, nix, custom, etc... Without this feature even testing normal development tasks where Docker is involved cannot be accomplished using Parallels. This prevents promotion and usage for any companies and teams I've consulted for, and I'd assume this would also apply to most web/cloud development work today.

    I'd be willing to try/buy Parallels again if this is fixed.
  6. PavelF

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    The issue is that Apple Hypervisor Framework doesn't support nested virtualization on M1, which prevents installing WSL2/Hyper-V in Windows and thus prevents using Docker.
    The nested virtualization support could be added in the future. Here're the official support articles, which one can subscribe to get updates:

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