Does 2X AS Solve Terminal Service Print Driver Problems?

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by SWhite1, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. SWhite1

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    Does the 2X Application Server help solve the problems of having to install print drivers on the server in order to be able to print to the clients printer?

    Products like UniPrint, Print2RDP, thinPrint all provide a means to ensure that the client can print to their local printer without having to install and administer printers on the server.

    So I was wondering whether the 2X Application server included any such support to simply the problems of printing from Terminal Services.

  2. RatCatcher

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    Hi Simon,

    I'm using ScrewDrivers v4 from Tricerat for printing. Works a treat.

  3. nerdpatrol

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    Best Printer

    We have found that Provision Networks Print-IT works the best and they even wrote a patch just for use. We were having a problem with Quickbooks showing everyones printers and not just the user logged in. I would recommend them!
  4. McShinsky

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    We haven't heard from anyone from 2X on this. Is this something under consideration or better yet development. This would be a major selling point for your product to compete with Citrix. I am struggling with mapping locally attached printers now as most people are trying to use straight terminal services. If you had a product that allowed for a universal print driver, and maybe even a profile manager, it would be a huge step in making your product enterprise ready.
  5. Jemboy

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    We discovered that printing to local printers works fine, but you have to install the drivers of the local printer on the 2x Server/Terminal Server. Failing to do this will generate errors in the TS eventlog when the user tries to print.
  6. SWhite1

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    But that is exactly what I do not want to do because many print drivers are not certified for Windows 2003 and who wants to spend their time installing printer drivers for all kinds of printers. It would be better if the Application Server came with something like Uniprint so that all you had was one Universal Print Driver optimized for the server environment that would print to the user's printer guaranteed.

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