Does Access require the computer to have a screen attached?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by RoundaboutSkid, May 31, 2023.

  1. RoundaboutSkid

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    I have a PC and a Mac Mini connected through an MKV switch with two screens. Both are possible to access remotely through a browser or a phone app, both over LAN and WAN.

    However: Only the currently selected computer is possible to access remotely. I can see and chose either computer through a browser interface or the phone app, and I can connect to either computer regardless of which is actively selected on the MKV switch. But I can only interact with and see the apps/desktop of the computer that is selected on the MKV, and thus connected to the two screens.

    So: is it a requirement to have a computer connected to a screen to be able to use Parallels Access? I want to have a computer with no screen, keyboard, or mouse tucked away in a cupboard and manage it remotely. Is this not possible?
  2. Pavel Merkulov

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    Thank you for your feedback.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to connect to a remote Host which is not connected to the monitor.

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