Does Bitlocker an a Windows VM encrypt shared Mac folders or volumes?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Stephen Van Dellen, May 9, 2024.

  1. Stephen Van Dellen

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  2. AntonioR4

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    This is a serious issue. W11 on dual boot linux machine, will encrypted shared disks.
    So, unless Parallels is doing something to avoid this side effect, this new Win feature can have disastrous side effects
  3. MichaelR97

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    Best solution I have is to use UUP Dump (google it) to download and create an iso, then use either NTLite, or, admin terminal scripts to modify the install. (Most are focused on debloat, albeit I don't go too wild with that as it tends to break things, but preconfigured installs are rather nice and minimize things -- 1.7 GB RAM, roughly 100 processes, 900 threads, 35k handles at boot).

    Can definitely disable bit locker from the OOBE among other nice things like requiring a login.

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