Does JGRASP run on mac m1? or can ir run on windows parallel desktop for mac?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JassicaM1, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. JassicaM1

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    I am buying a new laptop and almost buying mu first mac, but I need to know if I can run JGRASP on windows parallel desktop for mac.
    I am buying 16gb ram, so if JGRASP works on windows parallel, it should tune smoothly right?
  2. LarryB9

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    Hopefully jGRASP will run natively on M1 through Rosetta 2. So far we have no information and also no complaints. If it works for you, please let us (the jGRASP developers) know. The native parts are the startup shell and a bridge connection to compile/run etc. processes so if there are problems most likely either it won't start or will start but compile/run etc. will fail. Note that the "bundled" jGRASP download for MAC is for Intel only, so I assume the Java included with that will not work on M1, and you will need to install a version of Java for Arm 64. When demand increases, we will create a bundled version for M1.

    If everything else fails, you can always run jGRASP on any system where Java works, by starting at the command line in "pure Java" mode. Download the .zip version, unzip, open a terminal and navigate to the jGRASP installation directory.
    If the unzip tool you use didn't preserve permissions, you will first need to do: chmod -R 755 * from that directory, one time only.
    Then run jGRASP with: java -jar jgrasp.jar -pj
    The -pj flag is probably not necessary. Without it, jGRASP may try to build the compile/run bridge, which will fail unless you have XCode and command line tools installed. If that happens, and fails, jGRASP should then switch to pure Java mode.
    You may also be able to run with: ./bin/jgrasp . That script is untested on M1, so there may be problems.
    Pure Java mode will cause C/C++ etc. user programs to block buffer I/O, making interactive I/O difficult. Java programs will line buffer, which is generally not a problem.
  3. LarryB9

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    A Beta version with universal binaries and a version bundled with Java for Arm 64 on Mac are now available on the jGRASP website.
  4. GampaA@Parallels

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    Hello @LarryB9, please generate a Technical Report ID following the instructions from this Knowledge base article and provide us the 9 digit technical report ID here for further investigation. Thanks, Parallels Team.

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