Does Parallels have plans to give better Linux support after the Apple Silicon death of Windows VMs?

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by Parallels User, Aug 30, 2020.

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    I am so disappointed by Parallels bad support for Linux guests. For sure I will not extend my license subscription. I am back to VMware. Just installing 'open-vm-tools-*' package on any Linux distribution VM and everything works. Including decent HiDPI support on a 4K monitor - which is very important to me. Fusion is just constantly improving.

    They introduced Docker-like container support (vctl) with an update to 11.5.x.
    And they have announced their plans for Fusion 12 ( Basically what is now Fusion 11.5 "standard" will be free for personal use. Kubernetes cluster support will be added. And: "Fusion 12 Pro now supports individual use on up to 3 devices which now include Windows or Linux PCs running Workstation Pro.". Of course they also update for Big Sur compatibility (no more kernel extensions).

    Parallels will have a hard time in the upcoming months to convince me to stay. Right now I cannot recommend Parallels to anybody working with Linux guests.
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    [QUOTE="howaldoliver, Kali 2020 is not supported. Lubuntu gives me a black screen after installing the guest tools even though it's based on the officially supported Ubuntu 20.04. I can continue with that. I personally don't care for Lubuntu, but it is a symptom of the missing support.[/QUOTE]
    Hello, in Parallels Desktop 16 we support Kali 2020. Please check more information about the supported Guest OS here.
    If you would like to share with us any issues you get, please describe it in more details and collect the tech report once the issue reproduced. (Please do not forget to post the report's ID here)
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    That's an interesting topic. I wonder if you have any updates on it.
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    Hey there! Sorry to hear about your disappointment with Parallels' Linux support. I recently came across one article related to this topic.
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    Thanks for the information !
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    I recently came across an article on that talks about the current state of the Erlang programming language and whether or not it's dead. It's an interesting read and might provide some insight into the challenges and decisions that software companies face when it comes to supporting different platforms and technologies.As for your situation, it sounds like you've found a good alternative in VMware, and I can understand why you would be hesitant to continue with Parallels. I hope that they take your feedback and others' into consideration when it comes to improving their Linux support in the future.

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