Does Parallels support even exist?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by slazzari, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. mwhitted


    STILL no response. :mad:
  2. Edd


    do you need warm fuzzies from your bug reports? .. maybe the beta update is an indication that the found bugs are being incorporated?
  3. kingfish


    Imaginary Letter from Parallels Staff

    Here is the type of posting that I wish that Parallels would make to this forum, or perhaps post under announcements. I think it would go a long way to maintaining a certain level of trust at a critical time in their development process:

    Dear users:

    We are are a very small company and are working our tails off to make Parallels Desktop a good product. We know how useful it is to many of you, and how frustrating it is not to get any technical support or even acknowledgement of bug reports. If we had the staff, we'd respond to each of you. But we have been forced to make the hard choice between continuing our development, and responding to the flood of support emails and telephone calls we have received. For the moment, we've decided to err on the side of development. We do read your emails and posts, and we include the concerns you raise as design objectives in every version and build. We think the product is getting better each day.

    So we would ask you to be patient with us. We will keep on building the best possible product for this important niche, adding the features that are most needed by our user base. And as we begin to get our heads above water, we will begin responding properly to your inquiries, revise our documentation, and in general do everything possible to assure you are happy with your purchase. We are grateful for your business, because we know that without you, there would be no company.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    No response

    I've even taken the step to purchase a telephone support insident for $30. I placed a call a week ago and was told someone would get back to me soon. I guess I don't understand their definition of soon. Since my initial discussion I've sent reply messages and left voicemails, but it is total radio silence on the other end.

    If you are too small of a company to provide support don't pretend like you have it. Don't take users $30 and not respond. Delete this as an option & in fact lower your retail price back to $50! For $80 you should get some level of support!!!!!:mad: :mad:

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