Does Parallels support their software?

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by Vassilis, Jan 6, 2020.

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    I bought Parallels 15 recently for a new Macbook I bought. For some reason MacBook burns battery even when it's in sleep mode.

    As a result, laptop ran out of battery and stopped. My Mojave VM is now unusable and corrupted.

    I messaged Parallels support and got some canned reply about whatever of the likes "if your windows does not work, reboot it and make sure the power cable is in". I messaged again with more info and have no response yet on how to resolve my issue.

    So my question is... should I expect any (meaningful) answer from Parallels? Should I drop the software and just go ahead and buy VMWare Fusion? I had data and a VM that took me hours to install and configure. As a noob MacOS user I don't know how to debug and being a VM means the information from Apple website are of no use (press combination of keys while booting).

    This being a brand new laptop (MacBook Pro 16 with 64GB RAM purchased 3 days before going on holidays) I had no backup disk (apparently I have to format the disk on apple file system).

    Anyone has any hints on how to revive a Mojave VM that only shows the apple logo and does not go further (but uses 100% CPU)? How I can check or fix the Parallels HDD in order for it to boot?
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    So apparently they responded to the ticket with a request for a call and assistance. I selected the time on their website and a ticket reply was sent. The time I chose and the time mentioned on the ticket did not match (I can only assume because the support is based in India). I chose 22:00 CET and the ticket mentioned 21:15 CET.

    22:00 noone had called. The engineer then calls me at 22:18 saying this is the correct time of the appointment (...)

    He asks to have a remote session via logmein123 or whatever. I told him I do not wish to give him remote access to my laptop and if he wants we can use my zoom screen sharing software and share my session. He declines as his machine is not allowing such software to run or similar response.

    I run logmein123 and it asks for remote control. I politely tell the engineer that I do NOT wish to give him remote access but only view access if so. I click decline. He comforts me it will NOT get remote access and I should press OK. Permission pops up and foolishly I press OK.

    THE GUY GETS REMOTE ACCESS AND A POPUP APPEARS FOR BASH SHELL (which luckily Catalina blocked... I hope). I get extremely angry, tell him off and hang up right away. I haven't seen such incompetence in a company for a very long time.

    WHO TOLD YOU I WANT YOU TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY CORPORATE MACHINE, Parallels? I EXPLICITLY said no to the engineer minimally twice to have remote access - only screen view.

    Unbelievably bad experience. Don't expect me to renew the software next year. I will tell everyone I know how ridiculously useless your company is. I didn't pay 4500 EUR on my laptop + my own time to set things up and secure them for you to put your hands in it and run things yourselves without my approval. You are lucky I'm not suing you. If my checks show that you have managed to run anything on my laptop I am going to take this to extremes.

    I cannot believe this.

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