Does parallels use primary graphics card, and does it take advantage of nvidia Optimu

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation Extreme Discussion' started by Vetle AndreR, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Vetle AndreR

    Vetle AndreR

    Im planing on buying a Mac, but I want windows so that I can play all my games and run other windows apps. The only thing is that I'm wondering after I've heard that if I run windows 7 in parallels, it would either only use the integritet graphics card(intel HD graphics 4000, since os x is using the i nvidia graphics card) or it will still use invidia Optimus, but don't take advantage of nvidia Optimus, which is essential for gaming(don't critizise me for planing to game on a Mac, because I'm not playing BF3 or crisis2)

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