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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping that there is someone here that will be able to help me get to the bottom of my issues.

    Detail of my setup is at the bottom.

    The problem is that I have is that at work they have setup my default Win7 guest OS on their domain. Not wanting to run Win7 all the time I then setup a new location on my mac so I can specify the proxy I must use.

    This works most of the time and allows me to run almost everything I need, but there are some strange exceptions.

    For example, when I browse a site (say a cisco forum) it gets blocked on my mac's browser but not in my Win7's browser. Most sites work, but every now and again I hit this problem.

    I'm starting to believe that it has something to do with my machine name, i.e. that my mac (machine name) is not registered on the network. They have made up a machine name (XXXPB) for Win7 when they put it on the domain, not sure what Parallels assign as the machine name. My MBP's (machine) name is YYYMB.

    Does anyone know if this could be the problem?

    The other niggles are that all windows users can use Skype on the network but my Skype on OSX does not want to go online. I presume it is using my system proxy settings so again it is more a case of the type of traffic being disabled for unknown machine names?

    Anyway, am I on the right track here?



    - Host: OSX 10.6.8 MBP
    - Guest: Win7 Professional (32-bit)
    - VM: Parallels
    - Network: Bridged (so I am on the same subnet?)

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